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Window Film (commercial only)

With the expanded capacity of its new facility, Allied Window can now provide window film, applied to its storm windows. After extensive research, CP Films (Llumar) was selected as our window film supplier because they have the highest quality product, the best selection and the longest warranties in the industry.

One significant advantage of our system is that the window film can be applied to the full size of the glass, before it is glazed into our frame. We offer a full range of window films. See Window Films – Product Specifications to address the needs of any particular window situation.

  • UV LIGHT – almost all films filter 99% of UV
  • VISIBLE LIGHT – can be reduced to as little as 7%
  • SOLAR ABSORPTION – up to 60%
  • SHADING COEFFICIENT – as low as .25

Additionally, Llumar Magnum Safety and Security Film is available in thickness up to .015”. When this film is applied to our inside-mounted storm windows it provides protection from the dangers of flying glass due to earthquake, windstorms, terrorist acts, vandalism, theft and accidents.