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Lift Out Storm Windows

The Slide-A-Way One Lite (SOL) and the Bank One Lite (BOL) are single panel units. Available in a wide variety of glazing materials up to 3/16”, - as well as a full range of window film. Custom colors, glazing muntins, screens, and between-glass blinds (remote operation) are typical options.

Primary Uses: The (SOL) and (BOL) units are used for all styles of windows where their installation details are suited to field conditions.

Slide-A-Way One Lite (SOL)
This single-panel unit utilizes the head and sill tracks of the standard (SAW) unit. Angle is provided as a stop on each jamb.

S-5 Product Details

Bank One Lite (BOL-I)
This single-panel unit is ideal where the depth of the mounting space is very limited. The (BOL) is only (1/2”) in depth. The head receptor is a U-channel; the sill receptor is a J-channel; and angle is provided as a stop on each jamb.

B-1Product Details