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Design Options

  • Bent / Bowed Glass

    Historic homes come in all shapes and sizes. Bowed glass windows were a very popular option for houses that incorporated a turret in its design.

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  • Shapes

    "Any Shape-Any Size."

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  • Colors (standard & custom)

    We offer a number of standard colors and can also provide windows in custom colors using the Sherwin-Williams Polane paints.

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  • Glazing Options

    Our standard thickness is 1/8" of an inch, but our products can handle thicker glazes using a variety of finishes including annealed glass, tinted glass, polycarbonate such as Lexan and much more.

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  • Insect Screens

  • We also offer a good selection of insect screens using a range of materials and finishes. Large screens can also be produced, without using unattractive brace bars.

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  • Between - Window Blinds (commercial only)

    Certain series are available with between-window blinds, ideal for office and commercial use where sunlight reduction is a must.

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  • Extrusions

    Allied Window can manufacture large storm windows and screens because of the integrity of the heavy-duty extrusions that are our proprietary designs. It is not unusual for us to produce storm windows that are 60"X120". Screens that size would not require a brace bar for support. Our aluminum extrusions are at the industry standard T5 temper. We carry all of our extrusions in our standard colors, plus Class 1 clear anodized.

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