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11111 Canal Road - Cincinnati, OH 45241

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For almost 50 years Allied Window operated in a "charming" 1899 facility with a chopped-up, multi-level production area, ancient wood floors, and no opportunity for material handling equipment.

In July, 2002, the company moved into its new open-floor facility on the North side of Cincinnati. With assembly lines, new machinery, rolling racks, cube storage of materials and fresh new offices, Allied Window has literally leaped 100 years ahead.




  • Production & Materials Management

    The Production Manager has a direct view and access to the production floor. The Materials Manager has a direct view and access to the receiving area. Both offices are adjacent to the Sales & Engineering offices to speed up problem solving.

  • Cutting Saws

    The installation of two (2) new cut-off saws increases the productivity and the quality of our extrusion cutting operation. Stock extrusions are close by, in contrast to our old facility.

  • Sub-Assembly

    The cut extrusions are assembled into frames and staked with extruded corners. After stamping of the frame number, certain machining operations are performed before the frames move on to Assembly.

  • Machining

    This area contains equipment for simple machining operations that are shared by the Sub-Assembly and Assembly operations. These operations include staking, sanding, drilling, notching, routing and milling

  • Assembly

    At Assembly, additional operations are performed on the frames such as mounting of clips, installation of muntins, the initial assembly of Allied Window's operating units, and the weatherstripping of certain models.

  • Glass Cutting

    Aided by new glass racks that allow the glass to free fall onto the cutting table directly from the case, the glass cutters take pride in their productivity, accuracy, and ability to cut complex shapes from difficult material such as laminated glass.

  • Glazing

    Glaziers work from harp racks where the cut glass can be organized, using large glazing tables and convenient overhead spline racks. Glazed frames are placed back into the special frame racks in use.

  • Glass Cleaning

    Special glass cleaning racks with strong back-lighting help assure that our storm windows are clean when they leave our factory. Additionally, glass defects such as cracks or scratches are identified at this operation.

  • Final Assembly & Inspection

    This area performs certain final operations such as operating unit assembly, and the application of magnetic tape, foam tape and some weatherstripping. At this operation units are counted and inspected, and installation hardware is provided.

  • Screening

    Allied Window's screens are almost works of art. Experience is vital when dealing with very large screens, special shapes, and special screening materials, all of which are a daily challenge with the custom work we do.

  • Custom Bending

    Our Custom Bending Shop has doubled in size and houses 2 new roller bending machines with custom fabricated rollers. Virtually any extrusion can be formed into virtually any shape, accommodating every need we have encountered to date.

  • Custom Painting

    Our new state-of-the-art paint facility can accommodate 3 painters spraying 2 different colors. The high quality 2-part polyurethane finish allows us to provide a 5 year warranty. To date, approaching 2000 custom colors have been matched

  • Extrusion Storage

    Expanded extrusion storage permits better access and inventory control. This is vital when there are a number of standard shapes, all of which are stocked in seven (7) different colors. Also, storage is required for special extrusions utilized in our custom fabrications.

  • Glass Storage

    With rolling racks that hold two 2 cases of glass, vertical glass storage racks, and fork lift assistance, the movement and storage of glass is accomplished with greater safety and productivity, as well as reduced losses from breakage.

  • Receiving

    There are three 3 receiving docks, one of which allows a semi or flat-bed truck to pull fully into the building. This permits use of a fork lift or our rolling crane to offload extrusions and crates of glass.

  • Shipping

    With the 2 shipping area docks, storm windows which have been crated for delivery by common carrier can be loaded at the same time we are packing a box truck for delivery by Allied Window personnel, or loading an installer's truck for a local job. Some customers come to pick up their windows, and many small orders go by FedEx or UPS.

  • Delivery

    Allied Window maintains a fleet of box trucks and other vehicles used for the delivery of the majority of our storm window units. Very large or fragile units can receive the appropriate care from the point of loading the truck - to the point of delivery.

  • Installation

    Allied Window maintains its legacy for the highest quality installation of its storm windows, on a nationwide basis. Our installation warranty of (5) years is unprecedented in the industry.