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Clip in Storm Windows

The Allied One Lite (AOL) series is designed for window openings where a permanently-installed master frame, - with one or more removable glass panel inserts is appropriate. “Invisible clips” (flush), or standard swivel clips are used on the perimeter of panel(s), to secure the panel(s) in the master frame. Available in a wide variety of glazing materials up to 3/16”, - as well as a full range of window film. Custom colors, custom shapes, screens, and glazing muntins are typical options. Mounting stops can be provided to adapt to field conditions.

Primary Uses: The (AOL) series can be adapted to very large openings, or openings with complex shapes or structures, where interior ventilation is not a concern. Can be used with every style of existing window.

Allied One Lite – (1) and (2) Panel with standard clips (AOL-A, AOL-C)
The (AOL-A) has a single removable panel in a master frame.
The (AOL-C) has two 2 removable panels in a single master frame.

NOTE: For larger or complex openings, any number of removable panels can be incorporated into a single master frame by subdividing the master frame with frame muntins.

A-7 Product Details

Allied One Lite - (1) and (2) Panel with Invisible Clips (AOL-A, AOL-C)

A-8 Product Details

Allied One Lite - Lift Out Feature (AOL-C-BLO)
A “bottom lift out” is available for added convenience in removal for ventilation. Receptor tracks are provided at the head and sill with retaining clips only on the jambs.

A-6 Product Details

Allied One Lite - Multiple Units
Coverage of a very large or complex opening can be accomplished by the
mulling of two or more (AOL) units. These H-mullions also provide
stability and installation flexibility.

A-9Product Details

Allied One Lite - Invisible Clip Detail
Flush “Invisible Clips” are designed with the swivel clip on the back side of the frame. The front side of the frame has a flush Philips head keyway which is finished to match the frame color. The clips are operated with a standard Philips head screwdriver.

D-1Product Details

Allied One Lite - Corner Detail
The corners of the (AOL) units (as well as all other Allied Products) are joined by a solid aluminum corner key that is mechanically staked in place. The detail also shows a comparison between the Invisible Clip and the standard clip.

D-2Product Details